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Black in Mayberry is a documentary film that explores the experience of Black residents, students, professionals and visitors to El Segundo in light of the Black Lives Matter protests that swept the nation in 2020.

This project was made with much love and passion and now we invite all to share in the completed works. We thank everyone who donated their time, skills, resources and money to support the making and premiere of this documentary.

Creating this documentary demonstrated how powerful the arts is as a means to bring people together.  The documentary created positive dialogue in our community and received encouraging commentaries from around the world.

Tanya Taylor the producer of Black in Mayberry has founded a nonprofit organization called Black in Mayberry, the mission of BIM the nonprofit is to combat racism through the arts. We will be supporting artists and activists address issues pertaining to social justice, civil rights and human rights through art and education. We will continue to amplify Black voices and keep the demand for equality and justice at the forefront of America’s conscience.

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Thank you from us all.


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